Service Level Agreements

What is an SLA and what does it cover?

An SLA (Service Level Agreement) or Support agreement is like a warranty. It means a Client’s website is covered should any errors or bugs arise. Works Development will address such issues within 24-48 hours for clients with a SLA. In addition, Works Development will edit text/images/settings on the website that sit outside the control of the Client - e.g. within the footer template of a website.

Period of Support

Works Development will agree with the Client the period of the support agreement (SLA). Normally this will be a 12 month recurring arrangement. The cost and subsequent invoice will be raised for the full period, unless otherwise agreed, and be payable in advance of the period.

Logging Support Tickets

Clients with an SLA will be able to log errors on their website or request updates to content that is not within their control. All requests should be logged via the ticketing system or emailed to Requests logged outside either of these routes will not be subject to the response times set out below. If Works Development feel a request is outside what is covered by the support agreement, they will let the Client know and discuss the request as additional development and propose a solution and cost. Work on such a request would not be undertaken until agreement with the Client on the additional cost and approach.

Support on work not covered with an SLA

Where support requests are received from Clients on work that is not subject to an SLA, Works Development has no responsibility to respond and fix the error reported. However, Works Development will always aim to respond to the Client with a resolution route and cost associated with this. All requests outside a support agreement are treated with low priority until agreement on any cost to look at the issue. Requests from Clients with an SLA will always take priority to requests from clients without SLAs. Standard pricing and response times are detailed below.

Invalidation of an SLA

Should a client have or gain access to their website code files and make changes themselves or edit settings in their content management system that are only available to super administration rights, an SLA will become invalid. Any subsequent work to rectify any issues caused and to bring the website back to state it was before would be chargeable.

Non-SLA Response Times

Works Development uses a sliding fee scale when addressing support requests not covered by a support agreement.

Urgent Requests: 12-24 hour response time, $150 per hour.

Priority Requests: 48 hour response time, $100 per hour.

Standard Requests: 2-5 day response time, $75 per hour.

Support requests must be submitted via the ticketing system & associated cost must be agreed upon to be subject to the response times set above.

Hosting & Security


Works Development offers several hosting packages on dedicated cloud servers. Works Development offers hosting packages with and without SLAs. Our pricing is based on server hardware and volume of traffic. If a client has traffic that exceeds package limits, the client will be notified and upgraded to the next hosting tier. View our hosting packages.


Our servers are secured with a variety of techniques. All files are monitored for changes, firewalls prevent unauthorized access, and brute force attacks are blocked automatically. For more information, please contact us.


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